In the past few years, I have been collecting 5004 AA miles per year from paying for my Sprint service bill. I wrote about this Sprint Perk extensively in this post. However, when Sprint and T-Mobile decided to merge, I was wondering when this perk was going to go away. Well, today they send me an email stating that the Sprint perk and American Airlines AAdvantage program will come to an end and any final qualifying miles will be deposited in AA account in February.

Sprint Is Ending American Airlines AAdvantage Miles Program Perk

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    Sprint & American Airlines AAdvantage Program Perk is Ending

    Here's the content of the email:

    Thank you for being a valued customer. The limited-time Sprint Perks for American Airlines AAdvantage® program and associated benefits has ended. Your final AAdvantage® loyalty miles will be deposited into your account in February, if you continue to meet the eligibility requirements.
    We hope that you have enjoyed your benefits and continue to enjoy the value that comes from being our customer. Be sure to sign up for T‑Mobile Tuesdays to get thanked for being a T‑Mobile customer with free stuff and discounts every week. 

    Alternative Sprint/T-Mobile Perks

    Due to the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, now any Sprint customers can take advantage of T-Mobile Tuesdays and T-Mobile Money that gives you 4% APY interest. In the near term, I'll be checking with Sprint too to see if there are any other perks to get from paying for the monthly phone service in lieu of AA miles.