How to Use and Maximize $200 Amex Platinum Card's Uber Credit [2021]


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How to Use and Maximize $200 Amex Platinum Card's Uber Credit [2021]

  • Uber Eats Pass benefits now require paying with your Amex Platinum card. 
  • Uber Eats Pass now also includes 20% discount rides benefits each month. You can enroll in Uber Eats Pass complimentary with your American Express Platinum Card.
  • Don't forget to link your Marriott Bonvoy account with Uber to earn extra Marriott points.

The American Express Platinum Card offers Uber Cash benefit each month plus a bonus in December for a total of $200 every year.

How to Use and Maximize Amex Platinum Card's Uber Credit in 2021
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    How Does Amex Consumer Platinum Card's Uber Cash Benefit Works?

    The way Amex $200 Uber credit benefit works is this:
    • You receive up to $15 in Uber Cash each month from January through December
    • You receive an additional $20 in Uber Cash for the month of December. Total $200 per year. 

    You will NOT see Amex Uber statement credit in your American Express Platinum Card's account like Amex Dell Statement Credits and Amex Saks Fifth Avenue Statement Credits benefits. Uber Cash through Amex benefit is added automatically to your Uber account each month after you add your American Express Platinum Card as a method of payment in the Uber app. 

    Amex Uber cash credit does not carry over. It means that you must use the credit each month, any unused balance will not carry over to the following month. Also, this benefit may only be applied within the United States. 
    Amex Benefit may be applied to all Uber car types and on Uber Eats orders where Uber Cash can be applied. If your Amex Benefit in your Uber Cash balance does not satisfy the cost of your ride or order, the primary payment method on your Uber account will be charged for the difference. There is no limit to the number of transactions you may apply your Amex Benefit to each month, up to a total of $15 per month (up to a total of $35 in December). 
    If a transaction is eligible for another promotion that you have added to your Uber account, the promotion will be applied before your Amex Benefit. Certain other types of balances in Uber Cash may be applied to the cost of your ride or order prior to your Amex Benefit in Uber Cash. 

    How to Maximize $200 Amex Platinum Card's Uber Credit

    Uber consists of Uber Rides, Uber Eats, and selected locations Uber Groceries. The Amex Uber Cash benefit applies to all three services. 
    In order to activate the Amex Uber Cash benefit, here's how you would do it:
    • You will need an Uber account. If you are new to Uber you can signup here for free. 
    • Log into your Amex account and scroll down to look at the Amex Offers & Benefits. Find all available Uber offers and add those offers to your Amex Platinum card. If there's no offer, it is okay, and let's move on. 
    • Download the Uber or Uber EATS app from your mobile phone's app store. 
    • After that, log into your account and add your American Express Platinum Card as a method of payment. To do so:
      • Within the Uber Eats app, click on Account, then Wallet, and Add Payment Method. OR
      • Within the Uber Ride app, click on the Menu 3 Lines on the top, then Wallet and Add Payment Method. 
    • Just open the Uber Eats app if it's not open. Be sure to claim your complimentary Uber Eats Pass also in the app and confirm enrollment. See what is Uber Eats Pass & How To Enroll below. 
    • If you also want to earn Marriott Bonvoy points, Uber now partners with the Marriott Bonvoy program and allows you to earn Marriott points for Uber rides and eats by linking the two accounts. See this post on how to link Uber and Marriott accounts
    • Place your Uber Eats order and enjoy! If it is your first time using Uber Eats, be sure to use the promo code eats-phengl54ue at checkout to receive $20 off your first $25 order at Uber Eats. 

    Enroll Amex Platinum Card With Uber Eats Pass

    Exclusive Uber Eats Pass benefit is another limited-time nice offer from the American Express Platinum Card. The pass gives you an unlimited $0 delivery fee and 5% off orders over $15 at eligible restaurants. The pass is free up to 12 months after you enroll with your Platinum card. That's a value of up to $119 ($9.99/month). 

    In addition, Uber Eats Pass now also includes rides benefits. You can save 10% on your first 3 eligible rides of each month, available at the start of your next billing cycle. Eligible rides include:
    • UberX, UberXL, Uber Green, and Uber Comfort
    • Uber Black, Uber Premier, and Uber Black SUV

    It is important to know that complimentary Uber Eats Pass benefit through American Express Platinum Card is a limited offer and it's valid through December 31, 2021. Therefore, if you do not want to continue this subscription Uber Eats Pass service, be sure to remind yourself on your calendar when the pass is due to expire because the pass will automatically bill you starting 12 months from your initial enrollment. 

    Furthermore, as of July 2021, Uber now requires that you use your American Express Platinum Card to pay for Uber Eats orders to receive your Uber Eats Pass benefits. 

    To enroll your Amex Platinum card with Uber Eats Pass:

    • Open the Uber Eats app, and add your Amex Platinum card to the wallet. If your Platinum card is already added, just open the Uber Eats app.
    • Claim your complimentary Uber Eats Pass in the app and confirm enrollment. 
    • Place your Uber Eats order and enjoy! If it is your first time using Uber Eats, be sure to use the promo code eats-phengl54ue at checkout to receive $20 off your first $25 order at Uber Eats.

    Maximizing Amex Uber Cash Credit Ideas

    Use the Credit For Uber Rides

    This is an obvious choice here. You can use the Amex Uber Cash benefit to pay for a ride. Amex Uber benefit applies to all Uber car types including Uber VIP. 

    Uber app pulls your monthly Amex Uber Cash after any applicable promo in your Uber account to pay for the ride, then you pay for any differences afterward. 

    Use the Credit For Uber Eats

    Simply download an Uber Eats app and log in with your existing Uber account. Amex Uber credit applies to both food pickup and delivery services all through the Uber Eats app. This is a great way to enjoy a meal at home from your favorite local restaurant and make good use of your Amex Uber credit. 

    Be sure to check out How to Maximize $200 Amex Platinum's Uber Credit section above to really maximize your Amex Uber credit for Uber Eats. 

    Use the Credit For Uber Groceries

    Uber decided to join other grocery delivery services in early 2020. At the time of this writing, Uber Groceries are only available in select cities such as Dallas, Miami, and New York, with more cities launching soon. 

    Use the Credit For Friends & Family, A Stranger In Need

    Sharing is caring! While you cannot practically share, gift or transfer your Amex Uber Cash credit to someone else other than yourself, it is possible to request a ride or order food delivery for another person. This is a perfect way to care about someone while making great use of your Amex Uber credit. 

    What Happens to Unused Amex Platinum Card's Uber Credit?

    Any unused balance in Uber Cash will not carry over to the following month. This is a benefit in each month that you use it or lose it. 

    If you have exhausted all the options to use the credit, some data points from the points and miles community suggest that you reach out to American Express via chat or phone call and kindly ask if they are willing to give you a statement credit for your monthly unused Uber credit. Of course, this is a case-by-case scenario, but it never hurts to ask! 
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