Getting A Second Amex Business Platinum Card With 100,000 Points Welcome Bonus & $0 Annual Fee First Year (Targeted)


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Getting A Second Amex Business Platinum Card With 100,000 Points Welcome Bonus & $0 Annual Fee First Year (Targeted)

  • July 2021 - I can confirm that I successfully received 150k welcome bonus Amex points for my third Amex Business Platinum Card. 
  • June 2021 - I applied for my third Amex Business Platinum Card and got instantly approved online with no credit pull. My account is targeted for the third time through Amex's "expand your membership" 150k bonus points offer. No lifetime language. I am working on meeting the minimum spending now.
  • More people are being targeted for 150k Amex Business Platinum Card without the lifetime language via email or after they are signed into an Amex account. Unfortunately, this round of offer does not waive the $595 annual fee for the first year. My account is targeted for the third time and this time the offer is 150k bonus points. 
  • I received my 100,000 welcome bonus as promised with my second Amex Business Platinum Card after meeting the minimum spending requirement. 

I received a targeted offer email from American Express a few days ago to add another Amex Business Platinum Card to my account's portfolio. I was perplexed about the offer because I am a current Business Platinum cardmember. 

I read that email again line by line, it appears that Amex already knows that I have a Business Platinum Card and asks me to sign up for another one to add the spending power to my current Business Platinum Card. What really made me seriously consider about the offer was the offer even includes a welcome bonus of 100,000 Amex Membership Rewards Points and other good perks that I'll talk about more below. 

Can You Have Two Amex Business Platinum Cards?
Adding Second Amex Business Card Offer Email

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    Adding A Second Amex Business Card Offer Email

    The offer email has the subject that says: apply to add a Business Platinum Card, earn more rewards. The content of the email says:

    Expanding your Membership can expand access to premium benefits. Apply to add the Business Platinum Card, streamline your business expenses, and efficiently manage cash flow. This Card has no preset spending limit and a $595 annual fee.
    As a welcome offer, earn an extra 100,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $15,000 in purchases on the Card in the first three months of Card Membership. Points have no expiration date, so you can use them when you're ready.

    No American Express Bonus Once Per Lifetime Rule

    First thing first, it's worth noting that American Express cards include a very restrictive term that clearly states that:

    Welcome offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.

    However, the targeted offer that I received in the email to add a second Amex Business Platinum Card has a huge 100k Amex points sign-up bonus offer attached to it. After clicking the "Add Platinum" button in the email to the application page, the offer does not include that once per lifetime rule. 

    Can You Have Two Or More Amex Business Platinum Cards?

    The short answer is YES, you can have two American Express Business Platinum Cards. However, in order to be eligible for the second welcome bonus, your account will need to be targeted to bypass the Amex bonus once per lifetime rule mentioned above. 

    • February 2021, I received the targeted offer in the email to ADD another Business Platinum Card. The offer came with a 100k Amex points promo after $15,000 spend in 3 months. 
    • May 2021, I received another targeted offer by logging into my Amex account and the offer that time was 150k Amex points after $15,000 spend in 3 months. My account was targeted for the third time so it is possible to have multiple American Express Business Platinum Cards too. 

    American Express generally has a once per lifetime language in their card's offer, but the offer that I received did not have that language. After approval, they shipped the card to me the next day. I called in to confirm the receipt of the card and the agent also confirmed the welcome points offer.

    Business Platinum Card's Annual Fee Waived For the First Year

    What really surprises me the most was the annual fee. In the offer email, it looks like the annual fee of $595 is not waived for the first year, but after the approval and receiving of my card, the cardmember agreement paper clearly shows that $0 for the first year, then $595. See the screenshot below.

    Please note that the no annual fee offer only happened to my second targeted offer. My subsequent offers all have an annual fee for the first year, unfortunately. 

    Can You Have Two Amex Business Platinum Cards?

    Why Targeted Second Amex Card's Sign-Up Bonus Offer Is Good?

    American Express is one of the card issuers that make it hard to be eligible for the welcome bonus again if you have had the card before. It is unofficially known that if you canceled the card and 7 years have gone by, you may be eligible for the card's welcome bonus again whether the offer contains the once per lifetime language or not.

    Being able to be targeted for a second welcome bonus points offer is as good as an Amex card's upgrade offer because this allows you to earn a second welcome bonus offer for the second time while you still own the first card, and you already know that your application is pre-approved so your chance of getting the card approved is pretty good. There's also no credit pull. 

    Getting A Second Amex Business Platinum Card Strategy

    If your account is targeted for the offer, I suggest that you plan your application time strategically in order to exhaust any Amex benefits that are being offered in that particular year.

    While my account is targeted for the third time in May 2021, I don't plan on applying until around middle of the June. My thought is if I apply in the middle of June, my next annual fee should be hit in June 2022 then I have a whole month to decide whether to keep the card or not. That means I have until July of 2022 and by that time, I should be able to use up the Amex Airline Fee Statement Credit, Amex Dell Statement Credits $100 from January - June and another $100 in July. 

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    Unknown said…
    I recently did something similar and was able to get a second Amex Biz Platinum by upgrading my Biz Gold to a Plat for 85k MR points. I am having trouble selecting an airline for my second Biz platinum. The website keeps cycling the page back to my original Biz Plat. Have you tried selecting an airline on your second platinum? Any issues?
    PL said…
    Yes, I had the same issue. I had to reach out to Amex via chat and they were able to select it for me.