The merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is an on-going effort. Whether you like it or not, the merger was closed and T-Mobile is continuing to integrate with Sprint. This week T-Mobile also extended its T-Mobile Tuesdays deals to Sprint customers

I'm all about money savings when it comes to taking advantages of free deals. T-Mobile Tuesdays deals sometime do include travel deals and thus it's worth signing up for T-Mobile Tuesdays if you are a Sprint customer. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Get T-Mobile Tuesdays For Sprint Customers
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    Step-by-Step Guide to Get T-Mobile Tuesdays For Sprint Customers

    • Step 1: On your mobile phone, go to the App Store and download T-Mobile Tuesdays. 
    • Step 2: After the download is completed, simply open up the app and join. 
    • Step 3: Provide your 10 digits Sprint phone number and you are set to go! Next deal is returning on the following Tuesday of next week. 

    What is T-Mobile Tuesdays?

    T-Mobile Tuesdays offers T-Mobile customers free stuff and great deals every Tuesday of the week. The deals range from shopping to dinning and traveling. These perks are very similar to My Sprint Rewards that are available to Sprint customers. Up to this point, because of the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, Sprint customers can now have access to T-Mobile Tuesdays. 

    What Happens to My Sprint Rewards?

    Currently, Sprint has not yet announced any plans to discontinue My Sprint Rewards program. This means that, if you are a Sprint customer, you can continue using My Sprint Rewards until further notice by Sprint. In the meantime, you can take advantage of both My Sprint Rewards and T-Mobile Tuesdays deals. 

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