You can grab $125 free money by simply filling the online claim for the settlement in regards to the Equifax credit bureau's data breach. The process is quick as long as you are not requesting for more money as that will require additional documents. The $125 claim is safe, legit and no documents needed. Best of all, it’s free of charge. Let’s walk through this step by step for each page on the claim form:

Request Free $125 Cash Payment From Equifax Data Breach Settlement

Step-by- Step To Request Free $125 Cash Payment From Equifax Data Breach Settlement

  1. Go to the official Equifax online claim form.
  2. Fill in your information to check your eligibility.
  3. Follow the screen to file the claim online.
  4. If you are not requesting additional money, you fall under #1 case "Choose free credit monitoring, a cash payment) which does not require any additional documents for the $125 settlement money. All you have to do is to continue filling the claim online. If you believe you are entitled to more settlement money than just the #1, then proceed accordingly.
  5. Fill out the online form with your correct personal information.
  6. On Section 1 page, you will be explained in more details on the free credit monitoring or $125 cash payment. Select option 2. There are a few free credit monitoring apps out there, so I suggest you seek out the cash instead of the free credit monitoring.
  7. On Section 2 page, simply skip if it's N/A to you.
  8. On Section 3 page, simply skip if it's N/A to you.
  9. On Section 4 page, I select Check as a method of receiving the payment.
  10. On the last page, check the boxes and sign the complete form with your full name and click Submit! You will be given a notification that your form has been successfully submitted with your claim number. Store or print the information for your record.